Making Gloomhaven Treasure Chests

Making Gloomhaven Treasure Chests 1

Actually, the title is a lie. This isn’t a post about making treasure chests … more like buying treasure chests. Because, why fumble about with craft when you can buy great, affordable, minis from the Wizkids Deep Cuts range. In fact, between the Deep Cuts and Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures ranges, you can also replace most … Read more

Making Battletech Trees

Making Battletech Trees 4

I’ve always had a thing for Battletech, but I’ve never had a thing for flat, paper maps. So I thought I’d try to make those paper maps more interesting by adding some scenic trees. Whenever I have looked into buying 1/300 scenic trees I was never able to find anything I liked. I did eventually … Read more