Flames of War StuGs – My first PSC Experience

Flames of War StuGs - My first PSC Experience 1

I have gotta admit – this has been a VERY long term project. Like all others, it started with some enthusiasm, but after some early progress, interest waned and the whole tray of StuGs sat on the shelf gathering dust. Assembly and painting began back in April 2013 (Yes – over 7 years ago), but … Read more

That Battletech project I have been putting off

That Battletech project I have been putting off 22

When I first got into Battletech, I really struggled with a paint scheme to do the miniatures justice. I tried some camouflage schemes and some of the complex traditional Inner Sphere liveries as well. Camouflage seemed a little pointless with giant nuclear robots crashing through the forest in the universe of the third millennium trying to … Read more

AK Interactive’s Matt Varnish

AK Matt Varnish

AK Interactive have released their 3rd Generation Acrylics, clearly they have been doing the research and work on making new paint formula’s.   Until now I have been using the Army Painter Matt or the Testors Dull coat, however the Dull coat in the last application just was not matt and it also dulled down some … Read more

Making Gloomhaven Treasure Chests

Making Gloomhaven Treasure Chests 47

Actually, the title is a lie. This isn’t a post about making treasure chests … more like buying treasure chests. Because, why fumble about with craft when you can buy great, affordable, minis from the Wizkids Deep Cuts range. In fact, between the Deep Cuts and Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures ranges, you can also replace most … Read more