E-8 Build – Colour Research

The E-8’s paint scheme is pretty simple: they’re grey.  There’s some markings and a couple of other bits and pieces, but grey is the definite theme going on with this one.  Now I have some grey primer lying around that I could use, but that just seemed too easy.  It also doesn’t feel like the right grey: it seems a …

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E-8 Build – Body work update

E-8 Build - Body work update 2

The model’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of days and I just noticed a casting defect.  The front engine mount is not like the others. I’ve highlighted one of the original pictures below. Not a difficult fix, a couple of minutes with some small side cutting pliers removes the offending metal and piles finish the job and …

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E-8 Build – Body work

E-8 Build - Body work 3

As a first project we are creating an E-8 JSTARS plane in 3mm (1:600).  The E-8 is a modern AWACS plane that’s currently used by the US military.  There aren’t any miniatures of the E-8 available at the moment so we will have to get a little creative.  Fortunately the E-8 is based on the Boeing 707 airframe with only …

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