Unit Types in Muskets and Tomahawks

Hi! This is Tyler, writing to you today because Floppy forgot to duck. I’ll be continuing my discussion of Muskets and Tomahawks with a look at the types of forces you can build, and how they look and feel on the tabletop. First, an update on Flop’s health. He’s through surgery now, and recovering well. … Read more

A Year in Review

A Year in Review, and what a year it has been, I get to look back at the year and see what we have done, and where we are going.   Firstly it has been a long year, much has happened.  At the start of the year we didn’t really know where we would be by June, then along came Bane of War which was fantastic, I am sad that I will miss this next year. Adepticon which I will miss next year again I am pretty sad to miss this, it is a great Con and you have to go to it.  Then we moved back to Aus in May, and I traveled down to Hobart for a Flames comp, that was a load of fun.

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Blood Bowl Chaos Team

Blood Bowl was one of those easy to get into games, it is good fun, however Games Workshop have dumped the game, along with all other non core games, what we are left with is a Living Rule book, and unlike some of the other specialist games that change alot over a short period of time, Blood Bowl is quite stable, the Teams don’t change much, and everybody plays with the same teams as everybody else, no country has it’s own teams.  Because it is being played in leagues around the work the development of teams is tested by alot of people in different ways, it makes for a community that works together.  But really it is the mini’s that are great now, there are a long list of kickstarters out there that have produced teams, and if you are lucky or have enough “spare part” you might just have some old Chaos players made by Games Workshop…



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SAGA, a game set in the dark ages. Vikings raiding the world etc.  what is there not to love.   I have two very unfinished war bands for Saga, the Jomsvikings and Scot’s.  I have only had them since the game came out, a very long time ago, of course what is embarrassing is that I have never played a game either.  Well with the latest addition to the rules out, Crescent and Cross, moving the battle’s to the middle east, I finally find something to bring me back to painting knights.


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Back2Base-ix Paint Rack’s

Back2Base-ix Paint Rack’s came in I set to putting them together, I again choose the perspex versions of their racks as they look a lot better.





While I get to putting I was thinking about the organisation of my desk, I really need a clear space to work on and with the new racks I finally have nearly enough space for all my paint.  Well at least the paints that I keep on my desk. There is also a lot of airbrush paints out by the airbrush.

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Warlord v’s Rubicon T-34/85

Warlord v’s Rubicon T-34/85

I had the chance to get models from both company’s, so I am racing them in my first ever 1 v 1 test.















Having started the Russians I couldn’t say no to T-34/85’s so here we go as we test both kits to see which one win’s out on the first ever Floppy’s Model Kit Challenge.

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