4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs

4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs 8

Mechs, Mechs and more Mechs. We’ve had quite a bit of Battletech content lately. But with the Kickstarter out, Tex doing his thing and a couple of decent computer games it is actually a really good time to be a Battletech fan. I did the Kickstarter and ended up with around 40 Inner Sphere and Clan mechs arriving at my door a few weeks back. And I though I should paint a few of them. So I started with some of the Clan, and I desire to do something bright, crazy looking and not that common. Yeah, I should have done some Fire Mandrill shouldn’t I, but I did’t and instead I did some Clan Blood Spirit.

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Six Incursion APEs

Six Incursion APEs 9

APE stands for Armoured Personal Exoskeleton; which is the name for the USA’s battle armour in Incursion. Incursion is a Wierd World War 2 game, set it an imaginary universe where WW2 didn’t end and instead things got wierd. There are a number of such settings, both in pop culture and miniature gaming. For example … Read more

Crusader Turcopoles

Crusader Turcopoles 18

Another feature of Crusader armies were the Turcopoles. The Crusaders had learnt the effectiveness of the mounted bow from the Saracens and so had started to include them in their own armies. Sourced from the Eastern Christian kingdoms, and I’m sure other relevantly skilled groups, they were still Christian by equipped and dressed more like … Read more