Crusader Turcopoles

Crusader Turcopoles 17

Another feature of Crusader armies were the Turcopoles. The Crusaders had learnt the effectiveness of the mounted bow from the Saracens and so had started to include them in their own armies. Sourced from the Eastern Christian kingdoms, and I’m sure other relevantly skilled groups, they were still Christian by equipped and dressed more like … Read more Crusader Turcopoles

Crusader mounted knights

Crusader mounted knights 21

I’ve finally added some Knights to the Crusader army. With over 130 troops painted it’s good to finally have something that we all associate strongly with the era. I’m not sure there’s anything more iconic to the Feudal/Medieval period than the Knight holding a lance atop a charging horse. Again, these miniatures are Legio Heroica. … Read more Crusader mounted knights

15mm Medieval Mounted Troops Part 1

Some of the Cav all together now.

I have finally started painting parts of the 15mm Medieval troops I have had for a very long time.  So I have broken down this project to different troops. I have started with my 15mm Medieval Mounted troops as a multipart post.  Firstly because there are a lot of horses secondly because I am finding … Read more 15mm Medieval Mounted Troops Part 1