3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion

3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion 1

It’s been quite the productive week, the last of the models I’ve recently finished is an Israeli Isherman M51 Battalion for Modern Spearhead. One thing I like about the Israelis is that you don’t need to paint huge numbers; I’ve got a huge number of Egyptian T-55s that will take a fair while to finish.

First I’ve got the commander: the rules just have him on the same base as the others. However, I’ve decided to base them very differently on 20mm discs. It makes them nice and distinct, without requiring a heap of work on a little diorama.M51-Commander

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6mm Sho’ts

6mm Sho'ts 2

I’ve been a bit inattentive here of late; the reason has been a bit of progress on a number of other projects taking up my hobby time. First project completed is the 6mm Israeli tanks that first featured a little while back. I’d been putting off putting on the decals because it was a fiddly P.I.T.A. task, but I liked how they looked. I finally got around to putting them on and I’m really happy with how they look.

First a picture of three of them, the hardest decals are on the turret: these are a Hebrew character and a numeral that are really small.Shot-Complete-01

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Test Israeli Sho’t

Test Israeli Sho't 3

A little something different and larger than normal. I think I’ve previously mentioned that I was going to do some 6mm AIW. The first component of this is a number of Israeli Sho’t (Improved Centurion Tanks). I’ve finished one as a test model, and I’m quite happy with the result. The colour is a little … Read more