Dust Walker Madness

Dust Walker Madness 1

Progress – happy progress. I’ve finally finished 5 KV walkers to finish the bulk of the painting. I’ve also shuffled the platoons around to introduce Winter Child and reduce my painting requirements. Any way I’ll detail the new platoons later this week and do shots of each platoon together. Progress is also being made on the scenery, so that will feature soon. Lastly I’ll preview how we’re going to run the day and describe a couple of rule alterations to make things flow for newbies.

Any way, that’s enough waffle – on to the walkers.

First the KV-3. This variant is not so good. The gattling cannons maul infantry and light walkers, but so do most SSU units so there’s no real need for this walker. Unfortunately it’s not much good against aircraft (apparently due to the arms not being able to elevate far enough – that’s one Soviet engineer who is Gulag bound). However it is sexy and so perfect for a demo game


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Dust Warfare Mi-47 Helo & Heroes

Dust Warfare Mi-47 Helo & Heroes 2

I made some progress this week with a couple of Dust Warfare units for Little Wars. I finished the Mi-47 transport walker that’s been the subject of an earlier post about Anarchy Models’s stencils. I’m pretty stoked with how this has come out. The stencils are great and I’m happy with the heavily weathered look I’ve gotten. The storey behind this helo is that it’s survived the winter’s skirmishing after a busy autumn and now as spring is arriving and the grass is starting to reclaim the battlefield it is off to collect a new walker.MI46-WalkerTransport-01

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New Dust Warfare Project

New Dust Warfare Project 3

In the interest of continuing to jump around projects like a mad man I’ve got a new project lined up. Myself and a couple of others will be running some demo games at Little Wars, which is a convention that runs down here in Melbourne (Australia). Now, where still working out the details of what we will be doing, but basically I’m going to need to paint some Dust minis and build some terrain. Fortunately I’ve been wanting to do these two things regardless. So Little Wars gives me a clear motivation and a deadline; two things that greatly improve my productivity.

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Anarchy Stencils and Dust Mi46 Helo Part I

Anarchy Stencils and Dust Mi46 Helo Part I 4

This is a bit of a double post. First I want to talk about a recent KickStarter I got in on. Late last year Anarchy Models ran a quick starter to get some stencils produced. Their campaign was successful and ended up unlocking 38 stencils. Their stencils are designed to be used as masks on … Read more

Dust Mil Mi-47 Helicopter

Dust Mil Mi-47 Helicopter 5

Another Dust miniature, this is one of my favourites. The look of the miniature has grown on me; initially I thought it was a bit bulbish and rounded, but now I’m all for it. This look also fits in with the feel of Dust: there’s a 50s Pulp feel to the art and the Mi-47 … Read more

Dust IS-5 Heavy Tank

Dust IS-5 Heavy Tank 6

I’ve got another Dust piece completed. For those waiting for 3mm, soon I’ll have another couple of helos up and then it will be a couple of group shots ahead of some Hind Commander game. However, for the moment it’s about the big stuff: 32mm. The Dust vehicles are pretty cool as they come with … Read more