Dropzone Commander Skimmers

Dropzone Commander Skimmers 1

My chosen Dropzone Commander faction, The Scourge, use skimmers. According to the fluff these sit about 2-3 feet above the ground levitated by some advanced alien technology that no one really understands (Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”). As Dropzone Commander vehicles are not based I have, like most others, … Read more

Ke-Ho Ironclad Assembly

Ke-Ho Ironclad Assembly 2

Didn’t feel like painting this evening so I busted out the Ke-Ho and started doing some assembly. I had already done a fair bit of trimming and smoothing the parts and a close examination had revealed a couple of things: I had a few air bubbles, but these were very minor and only one part … Read more

Dust Winter Child

Dust Winter Child 3

I’m going to step away from the 3mm stuff for a little while and continue to make a mockery of my title. Like many a wargamer I play a number of systems (too many if I’m honest). So we’re going to use this as an excuse to take a bit of a diversion (apologies if … Read more

E-8 Build – Body work

E-8 Build - Body work 5

As a first project we are creating an E-8 JSTARS plane in 3mm (1:600).  The E-8 is a modern AWACS plane that’s currently used by the US military.  There aren’t any miniatures of the E-8 available at the moment so we will have to get a little creative.  Fortunately the E-8 is based on the … Read more