Ruined WWWII Buildings

Ruined WWWII Buildings 1

I received some laser cut MDF buildings a couple of weeks back. These are from a Kick-starter done by Commission Figurines. They’re 28mm scale which is ever so slightly on the small side for Dust, but really it’s not very noticeable and without the height boost provided by the figure base would probably be perfect. These buildings are really just WWII, but I’ll be using them for Weird WWII, as I don’t play WWII.

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3mm Middle Eastern Town

3mm Middle Eastern Town 2

I’ve been doing some other projects for a little while, including working on my photography. However, I have done one little 3mm project: a small Middle Eastern town to act as both a strategic objective and small piece of obstructing terrain for Hind Commander. After all, what else would you do with a USMC force? … Read more