Send in the grunts

Send in the grunts 1

Time to make some in-roads into putting my Vanguard Abyssal warband & flesh out the ranks with some grunts. The Forces If the Abyss Vanguard Starter pack has a plastic sprue of Lower Abyssal “grunts”. They are a multi piece kit with plenty of weapon and head options – enough to put together five Lower … Read more

Making 28mm Trees

Making 28mm Trees 9

I recently began playing Rangers of Shadow Deep, a game by Joseph A. McCullough of Frostgrave fame. As with Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep is full of scenarios that provide plenty of opportunities to make interesting terrain pieces. The second scenario in the core rulebook is set in a forest with some “nest trees”. So … Read more

Proxy Imp Swarm

Proxy Imp Swarm 17

So these minis aren’t Mantic minis. I went scratching around my bits box looking for something to do a little colour testing before I started hard core painting my Abyssal demons. They are actually a bunch of resin grots that “Lucky” from the Monday Knights gave me as a birthday present a while ago (OK … Read more